My Trip to Europe – Day 2, Saturday, Sept 21st 7am

Day 2, Saturday, Sept 21st 7am

Waking up in Italy was surreal; I’ve always wanted to visit this country and here I am!  We got dressed and headed to breakfast.  The hotel had a free breakfast with the room, it was traditional European dishes, LOTS of pastries with yogurt and Muesli, cappuccino and biscotti.

CIMG1328 CIMG1329

We talked to the hotel concierge who showed us how to get to the center of town where all the tours were – like the Colosseum, etc.  We took a bus which stopped right outside our hotel, then made our way to the train (Metro) then took the Metro train to the middle of Rome, very confusing as everything was in Italian…duh!  Thank goodness we met a gentleman “Marco” who helped us get where we needed to go – not sure if we could have done it alone, but it was nice making new friends!

CIMG1331 CIMG1332

After we arrived in the center of town, we booked one of those double decker busses where you can get off and on throughout the day.  We were able to drive all over the city and see some incredible things.  The Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, The Forum, The Basilica Church and a whole lot more.  CIMG1333 CIMG1335 CIMG1336 CIMG1337 CIMG1338 CIMG1340 CIMG1341 CIMG1342 CIMG1343 CIMG1344 CIMG1345 CIMG1346 CIMG1347 CIMG1348 CIMG1351 CIMG1352 CIMG1354 CIMG1355 CIMG1356 CIMG1357 CIMG1358 CIMG1359 CIMG1360 CIMG1361 CIMG1362 CIMG1363 CIMG1364 CIMG1365 CIMG1366 CIMG1367 CIMG1368 CIMG1369 CIMG1370 CIMG1371 CIMG1372 CIMG1373 CIMG1374 CIMG1375 CIMG1377 CIMG1378 CIMG1380 CIMG1381 CIMG1382 CIMG1383 CIMG1384 CIMG1385 CIMG1386 CIMG1387 CIMG1390 CIMG1391 CIMG1392 CIMG1393 CIMG1394 CIMG1395 CIMG1397 CIMG1398 CIMG1399 CIMG1400 CIMG1401 CIMG1402 CIMG1403 CIMG1404 CIMG1405 CIMG1406 CIMG1407 CIMG1408 CIMG1409 CIMG1410 CIMG1411 CIMG1412 CIMG1413 CIMG1414 CIMG1415 CIMG1416 CIMG1417 CIMG1418 CIMG1419 CIMG1421 CIMG1422 CIMG1423 CIMG1425 CIMG1426 CIMG1427 CIMG1428 CIMG1429 CIMG1431 CIMG1433 CIMG1434 CIMG1435 CIMG1436 CIMG1437 CIMG1438 CIMG1439 CIMG1440 CIMG1441 CIMG1442 CIMG1444 CIMG1445 CIMG1446 CIMG1447 CIMG1448 CIMG1449 CIMG1450 CIMG1451 CIMG1452 CIMG1453 CIMG1454 CIMG1455 CIMG1456 CIMG1457 CIMG1458 CIMG1460 CIMG1461

We  all 8 hours touring the entire city, it’s a great thing we packed good walking shoes!  We were pretty lucky every where we went. We met this incredibly handsome police guard who took us behind the scenes at the Vatican and showed us some interesting museum places, he wanted us to come back after our tour, but I’m sure he tells that to a LOT of ladies!  The building has about 150 rooms – amazing and really wild that we were in a place of such history.  Truly unbelievable!

We stopped at an cafe to enjoy some local flavor, Jean was picked pocketed – 60 Euros were stolen – which is about  $81 US dollars.  (Euros are one dollar to our $1.35 or so depending).  After eating, we walked back to the train area and was hoping we got on the right train.  We think we did but couldn’t find anyone who spoke English to confirm our fears, some men on the train tried to help but they didn’t speak English.  Then I saw the sign, Buen Villagio and thought, mmmm that’s our next stop.  Then it was the next stop…it wasn’t until a few stops, I had figured out it meant “Good Bye” or “Safe Voyage” NOT the name of the streets…silly I know.

After traveling about 20 minutes (as that was how long we traveled from our hotel TO our destination), we got off and found 3 police transit officers who did speak English.  They told us we’re on the right route and needed to jump on the next bus.  They even came on our bus, and escorted us almost to our hotel – when leaving they gave the driver instructions to take us right to our hotel…and sure enough, after about 15 minutes, there we were back at our hotel!  The men here are so nice 🙂

A quick shower then dinner at the restaurant next door.  We ordered all kinds of interesting things – now mind you, this is a MEAT house, no pasta anywhere…it was weird not having pasta in Italy.  We had Cosmo martinis to start, then steak, a salad, bread and the most incredible dessert.  Chocolate mouse filling in a crepe with whip cream and Tiramisu Gelato.  We shared a bottle of the most incredible wine too…wild that it didn’t have any sulfites in it – just pure Italian wine – it was so yummy!  We then went back to our hotel and went to bed.  We were too tired to do anything else.  Although we did hear this music coming from outside our balcony – opening the door we saw “disco lights” and a pulsating beat – oh a night club!  Should we go?  We have an early day tomorrow…maybe next time.  Ciao!


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