My Trip to Europe – Day 10, Sunday September 29th

End of our cruise…
We set the clock and got up at 7am, showered and dressed – then went to breakfast. We ate fast then back to our room to gather our things. Our two bags (each) had already been outside our room and picked up at about 3am. We leisurely made our way to Deck 1 where we disembarked, found our driver and got into a beautiful MBZ – where he drove us about an hour to our hotel. We both passed out and slept about 20 minutes of the drive.

Our hotel is really great – ocean view, two twin beds, a fridge, flat screen, very roomy – the town reminds me of Newport Beach with a one way street out front then the pier off to the left with little shops and restaurants up and down the boardwalk. We checked in and dropped off our bags as our room wasn’t ready yet – then took a walk around the area to kill some time. When we returned, our bags were up in our room….which was so cool as most of the hotels around here don’t have elevators and we’re on the 2nd floor! One thing I didn’t think of when I booked the room, make note for next time…just wondering when we leave – who’s bringing our bags down!? lol

We got to our room and passed out – I’d say for at least 2-3 hours. Last I remember – Jean searching for a TV show and found a show on “Learning Japanese”. I fell asleep to a woman’s voice sounding out the words….ko – nee – shee – waa…zzzzzzzz

When we woke up, we freshened up and wandered downstairs where the FREE WiFi was…yeah! We’re connected to the world! After answering some emails and talking to some friends, we got dressed and walked around the town. We found a really pretty church all lit up and an outdoor tented bazar where vendors were selling all kinds of things. From hardware supplies, toys, jewelry, furniture and things to eat – there was everything. The evening brings another detention to the town, it’s so pretty during the day but at night you get another perspective – just beautiful!

We were craving some pasta so we went to a few restaurants looking at the menus to find the perfect one. The place we picked seemed right – and boy was it. Homemade pasta with shrimp, mussels and clams with a side salad and proscuto and fresh buffalo mozzarella, sour dough bread with balsamic vinegar and oil and a fabulous 1/2 liter of of red wine….I think it was the best pasta I’ve ever had! Oh yum!

It started to rain…really hard, well it seemed like it as we were under a metal roof. I saw the lightening outside and heard the thunder so I knew it was close. When we decided to leave, the clouds disappeared and it stopped raining! Walking around town was awesome, looking at Italy at night gives a different perspective.

We found a great gelato place, got our cup of heaven to go and walked back to the hotel. While we were enjoying our creamy delights, I heard what I thought was gun fire, but it was just firecrackers going off on the beach – seems the locals were celebrating the last day of summer.

Shower then to bed…tomorrow is a rain day so unsure what we’re doing…just glad we don’t have to go anywhere!


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