My Trip to Europe – Day 4 Monday, Sept 23rd

Waking up after a great night’s sleep (I feel wonderful and can’t wait to start the day!) I’m waiting for the call from the nurse to free me…she said she’d call at 7am.

No call by 8am, so I decided to call them as I’m really excited to tell them how great I feel! After telling the nurse how I felt, she asked me a few more questions, then informs me that I need to stay in my cabin until 6:30pm tonight…EXCUSE ME?  I kindly tell her that I know what the problem was, I am not used to eating dairy…and I ate a TON of real dairy and of course that, combined with the alcohol I drank made, me sick.  She’s not buying it and tells me it’s “International law so that I don’t infect the other passengers”, I need to stay in.  I KINDLY tell her that I’m not infectious and that I know what it was, REALLY I DO!  I tell her my findings but she says that it’s their policy that I be quarantined.  I’m worried that if I decide to go anyways, they won’t let me back on the ship as you have a “pass card” that you were given when you first arrived with all your information.  You use this to get on and off the ship, buy things, and use it for identification.  Damn I’m pissed, I am so hurt, so disappointed, so sad that I can’t go into town to meet my friend Pietro, Jean has to travel by herself.  Ugh, now I know that when EVER I travel again, ALWAYS bring your own medicine.  It doesn’t matter what you have, bring it….bring everything you think you’d need because once you go into that medical facility, you are marked; I feel like I have a scarlet letter on my head.

So Jean gets ready and leaves, I gave her Pietro’s phone number so hopefully she can call him and tell him the bad news. I’m sad.

I stay in bed, trying to keep myself entertained, CNN is on, movies are minimal, there’s no internet, my phone isn’t working and I have no window so I can’t see outside. I want to cry, I’m trapped.

Jean came back from breakfast and signed up to go into the city of Messina, I ordered toast and a banana from room service … lol.  The lady who delivered it, saw me in bed,  came in and set down the tray down as fast as she could then ran out of the room.  Pretty funny seeing I am not contagious but I guess she doesn’t know any better…

Jean leaves and I go back to bed after my banana and toast, wake up by a phone call from customer service asking if I was okay and if there was anything they could do.  I say, “Yes, you can let me go!”.  The woman on the line explains she’s just there to comfort me, I get free movies, fee mini bar and of course free room service…yeah.  After a few hours of channel surfing, I actually saw how a cruise ship was built, watched Hangover III, ordered a turkey panninni and chicken soup, and slept most of the afternoon.  Bored as heck, I decided to shower early to get ready for the evening’s festivities.  Knowing Jean was coming back about 4pm, we were invited Koz’s party at 5pm and I REALLY wanted to go (even though the nurse said I was okay to be released at 6:30pm) I am hoping I can beg them to let me go early.

Make up on – check, hair done – check, looking hot in my red (as the theme this night is Red for the Med) – check…all I need is the nurse to release me.  I call at 4:45pm…and begged the nurse.  She said, ok, since I didn’t have any symptoms, I was good to go….talk about a relief!  I’m excited…heck yeah!  I didn’t even wait for Jean to get ready, I was out and running down the hall to the Cosmopolitan Room for the private party.

It was fun, Dave had his wine featured along with some great looking snacks of which I did not partake..I wanted to give my system a rest.  I met some really nice people, talked to a few musician friends I knew, one of which was Richard Elliott – we chatted about him coming to the KSBR Birthday of these days he said, but he’s always traveling around that time.  I sampled Dave’s Pinot….yum!  I’m in heaven!

Jean came up and found me, we then went to Peter White and Mindi Abair’s show, which was off the charts.  Peter had Vincent Ingala playing along with him and Mindi had her dad come out and play with her, it was such a special moment for her and him…so sweet to see such love amongst adult kids and their parents…such a sweet family.

After the show, we had a late dinner – oh wow…SO MUCH food it was soooooo gooood!  After dinner, we went to see the Comedy Bingo with Keiko Matsui calling the numbers, that was fun.  After a winner was announced, everyone had to do the “whobble” dance – even Keiko got into it!  We didn’t win but we sure had fun!  Keiko called us up on the dance floor after the show – we danced until it was time to go – oh gosh, it’s bed time – 2:30am!

This is all I saw of Messina...until next time!

This is all I saw of Messina…until next time!

This is all I saw of Messina...until next time!

This is all I saw of Messina…until next time!

CIMG1488 CIMG1489 CIMG1490 CIMG1492 CIMG1493 CIMG1494 CIMG1495 CIMG1496 CIMG1497 CIMG1498 CIMG1499 CIMG1500 CIMG1501 CIMG1502 CIMG1503 CIMG1506 CIMG1507 CIMG1508 CIMG1509 CIMG1510 CIMG1511 CIMG1513 CIMG1515 CIMG1516


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