My Trip to Europe – Day 5, Tuesday, Sept. 24th.

Woke up at 10am and scurried through ourselves to get up, there were a ton of autograph sessions going on around the ship.  Different artists were around the ship signing autographs at various locations and taking pictures with the guests.  So many folks were so excited to see their favorite artist – it was awesome to see so many people happy walking around.  We had breakfast then a BBQ was being set up by the pool of which we HAD to partake…another scrumptious delight, so yeah, breakfast then lunch back to back lol.

At 1:00 we went to the “Inspiration in the Med Gospel Show” with Kirk Waylum and friends.  It was very spiritual inspirational, Kirk makes you feel very welcome no matter what your religious beliefs are.

CIMG1522 CIMG1523 CIMG1524 CIMG1525 CIMG1528 CIMG1530 CIMG1531 CIMG1532 CIMG1533 CIMG1535 CIMG1538 CIMG1542 CIMG1543 CIMG1545 CIMG1546 CIMG1551 CIMG1552 CIMG1553 CIMG1554 CIMG1555 CIMG1556 CIMG1557 CIMG1558 CIMG1559 CIMG1560 CIMG1562 CIMG1563 CIMG1564 CIMG1565 CIMG1566 CIMG1567 CIMG1568 CIMG1569 CIMG1571 CIMG1573 CIMG1574 CIMG1575 CIMG1576 CIMG1577 CIMG1578 CIMG1579

Afterwards, we hurry as at 2:30pm we went to “The Sisterhood – a Forum for Women Only” which focused on empowering women. Moderated by Pat Prescott, the panel had Mindi Abair, Keiko Matsui, Sheila E., Gisele Albright, and Taylia from 94.5 The Wave.  It was awesome, a lot of women shared stores and made everyone feel good and worthy of themselves.  Sheila E. prayed with a few women and really took the time to help and inspire them.


CIMG1581 CIMG1582 CIMG1583 CIMG1585

Headliners tonight are Sheila E. and The E Family – including Pete Escavedo (Sheila’s dad) along with Larry Graham…our show is always early (6:30pm) and our dinner is at 9pm – so it’s great that we can get the first show then go and eat and party afterwards!

Sheila E and her E Family was awesome…Dave came out and played along with them.

CIMG1586 CIMG1587 CIMG1588 CIMG1589 CIMG1591 CIMG1592

Now it’s time for dinner.  We’re seated at a table with other folks so it’s nice as we get to meet people from all around the world at each seating.  While we eat, there’s always a musician who comes by and plays (walking around the room) the crowd always enjoys this – getting out their cameras and watching them play so close!

After dinner we walked around, then tried to stay up but geeze, we’re tired so off to bed early tonight!



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