My Trip to Europe – Day 6, Wednesday, Sept. 25th

We arrive in Mykonos at 8am, we get up, shower and get off the ship to be bussed to the city.  After getting dropped off, we walk to a cafe to use the WiFi and have a drink.  We started talking to some folks who came off the ship…they were a nice couple from Seattle, she works for Alaska Airlines as well – Jean and her talk shop and a great friendship is born! We walk through town observing all the wonderful items with them, take a ton of photos and then decide to rent a car together as it’s cheaper – Tim the husband drives us.

This place is the ultimate of charm, with all white buildings, cobblestone streets, just beautiful.  We drove around the entire island, stopping at various points – then found this great place for lunch.  It was right on the beach, great outdoor place with wonderful food.  Thatched grass topped umbrellas were out on the sand, the ocean was blue as can be.  The restaurant had colors of orange and lime green with outdoor seating and indoor seating just inside the open door ways.  Very light and breezy it was.  I had the summer salad which consisted of watermelon and feta cheese with basalmic vinegar, oh and of course some Greek beer!

CIMG1595 CIMG1596 CIMG1597 CIMG1598 CIMG1599 CIMG1600 CIMG1601 CIMG1605 CIMG1606 CIMG1607 CIMG1608 CIMG1609 CIMG1610 CIMG1612 CIMG1614 CIMG1615 CIMG1616 CIMG1617 CIMG1618 CIMG1619 CIMG1620 CIMG1621 CIMG1622 CIMG1623 CIMG1624 CIMG1625 CIMG1626 CIMG1627 CIMG1628 CIMG1629 CIMG1630 CIMG1631 CIMG1632 CIMG1633 CIMG1635 CIMG1636 CIMG1637 CIMG1638 CIMG1639 CIMG1640 CIMG1641 CIMG1642 CIMG1643 CIMG1644

We left and drove around more, this time going to a place the locals said to visit, “Kiki’s Place”.  It was an out of the way restaurant, which is supposed to be really good, but we didn’t eat, we just looked around – oh and I stuck my feet in the ocean…yeah!

Going back to the ship, we encountered a really bad fire at one of the local restaurants, folks were standing around watching – it seemed as if it had just started as black plumes of smoke were billowing out the windows.  While everyone was watching, people were yelling, not sure who called the fire department but it felt it took forever for them to get there.  We left and hurried back to the ship as we couldn’t be late – but as we walked away, we kept watching behind us – and finally the black smoke turned to white. No one was hurt but it sure was scary.  The towns folk said it was a historical place and they were sad that it was ruined, but were glad the fire didn’t spread to other buildings.

CIMG1645 CIMG1646 CIMG1647 CIMG1648 CIMG1649 CIMG1652 CIMG1655 CIMG1656 CIMG1657 CIMG1659 CIMG1660 CIMG1661 CIMG1662 CIMG1663 CIMG1664 CIMG1665 CIMG1666 CIMG1667 CIMG1668 CIMG1669 CIMG1670 CIMG1671 CIMG1672 CIMG1673 CIMG1674 CIMG1675 CIMG1676 CIMG1677 CIMG1678 CIMG1679 CIMG1680 CIMG1681 CIMG1682 CIMG1683 CIMG1684 CIMG1685 CIMG1686 CIMG1687 CIMG1688 CIMG1689 CIMG1690 CIMG1691
Getting back on the ship, we had to get ready quickly to get to Keiko’s show.  She was headlining tonight with Gerald Albright.  Wow…what a show – she looked spectacular and what a beast she was on the piano…she really killed those keys!

CIMG1692 CIMG1693 CIMG1694 CIMG1695 CIMG1696 CIMG1697 CIMG1698 CIMG1699 CIMG1700 CIMG1701 CIMG1702 CIMG1703

We left and walked over to “Peter White’s Pub Crawl” – he’s taken over the Two Poet’s bar so it’s now called “Peter White’s Pub”.  Great music with great friends…what more can you ask for?  We stayed and had a cocktail with the crowd listening to some great music, everyone loves Peter, he’s such an amazing guitar player and a wonderful person too…so it was fun to see him play and entertain the crowd.


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