My Trip to Europe – Day 7, Thursday, September 26th

We arrived in Athens at 7am; got up and out by 9am.  Jean and I decide not to do the organized tours offered by the ship, but to get a tour bus in town where you can get on and off (like we did in Rome) and take in the city ourselves.  We found some tour busses outside the port area, the same kind of bus we saw in Rome; however, this time, the tour bus folks were really crazy – the Red bus peeps were screaming at the Yellow bus peeps – it was like they were trying to get our business as we started talking to the Red bus folks first then went over to the Yellow bus folks…wow…the things they were telling us!  There had been riots and demonstrations throughout Athens – so the Red bus peeps were trying to scare us into thinking that the Yellow bus peeps were taking us into war…crazy place huh?  Oh well, we ended up going with the Yellow bus folks as the Red bus folks were a little to rude for our taste. CIMG1707 CIMG1708 CIMG1709 CIMG1710 CIMG1711 CIMG1712 CIMG1713 CIMG1715 CIMG1716 CIMG1717 CIMG1718 CIMG1719 CIMG1720 CIMG1721 CIMG1722 CIMG1724 CIMG1725 CIMG1726 CIMG1727 CIMG1728 CIMG1730 CIMG1731 CIMG1732 CIMG1733 CIMG1734 CIMG1735 CIMG1736 CIMG1737 CIMG1738 CIMG1739 CIMG1740 CIMG1741 CIMG1742 CIMG1743 CIMG1744 CIMG1745 CIMG1746 CIMG1747 CIMG1748 CIMG1749 CIMG1750 CIMG1755 CIMG1756 CIMG1757 CIMG1758 CIMG1759 CIMG1760 CIMG1761 CIMG1762 CIMG1763 CIMG1764 CIMG1765 CIMG1766 CIMG1767 CIMG1768 CIMG1769 CIMG1770 CIMG1771 CIMG1772 CIMG1773 CIMG1774 CIMG1775 CIMG1776 CIMG1777 CIMG1780 CIMG1781 CIMG1782 CIMG1783 CIMG1784 CIMG1785 CIMG1786 CIMG1787 CIMG1788 CIMG1789 CIMG1790 CIMG1791 CIMG1792 CIMG1793 CIMG1795 CIMG1797 CIMG1798 CIMG1799 CIMG1800 CIMG1801 CIMG1804 CIMG1805 CIMG1808 CIMG1809 CIMG1810 CIMG1812 CIMG1813 CIMG1814 CIMG1815 CIMG1816 CIMG1817 CIMG1818 CIMG1819 CIMG1820 CIMG1821 CIMG1822 CIMG1824 CIMG1825 CIMG1826 CIMG1827 CIMG1828 CIMG1829 CIMG1831 CIMG1832 CIMG1833 CIMG1834 CIMG1835 CIMG1836 CIMG1837 CIMG1838 CIMG1839 CIMG1840 CIMG1841 CIMG1842 CIMG1843 CIMG1844 CIMG1845 CIMG1846 CIMG1847 CIMG1848 CIMG1849 CIMG1850 CIMG1851


We saw the entire town from the top of a double decker bus…then we spotted a shopping mall.  Oh yea, we decided to get off and explore all 10 floors of this mall!  The 10th floor they had a restaurant and YES, free WiFi!  We’re here for about 2-3 hours just relaxing and having fun looking at all the cool Italian things for sale.  We finished the tour and headed back to the ship.

Tonight’s headliner is the “Motown Throw-down and All Soul Revue” with ALL of the artists playing.  It was awesome, hearing the sounds from that era was cool but I must mention two memorable moments – seeing Keiko kill it on “What’s Going On” and of course seeing Michael McDonald come out and sing one song.  The finale was pretty spectacular as well…EVERYONE was on stage for the closing number – kind of reminded me of the KSBR Birthday Bash closing number…so many stars on the stage at one time!

A few artists that I’ve discovered on this trip so far, who I think are just amazing are Gianni Vancini (his first name is pronounced Johnny) and Greg Manning, Jake Shimabukuro (Ukulele player from Japan) and Patrick Bradley – it’s so wild, that while talking with Patrick, him and his wife live in Aliso Viejo!

After the show we went to dinner.  Afterwards, we headed over to the show with Gianni – Gerald Albright’s daughter Selina sang, wow what a voice!  Definitely, she is one to watch!  When that was over, we headed over to the Toga Party – what a great time!  Dancing, singing, eating – it was a real fun time – now it’s bedtime! Tomorrow we’re at sea the whole day so there’s LOTS of things to do, and I need to get up early to do them all!


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