My Trip to Europe – Day 8, Friday, September 27th

Today we’re at sea and OMGosh…there’s so much I want to do today!  The offerings are so many it’s hard to choose.  You can do leisurely things, like massages, spa, or lay by the pool….or you can do strenuous stuff like go to the gym, play basketball, go in line skating or rock climbing OR you can choose from the many items that are offered by Dave Koz! Tons of breakout seminars, music, panels, and other music/jazz related topics to choose from.   I wanted to go to a breakout seminar about “Jazz Around the World” – an International Summit on Jazz at 9am to 10am.  It was moderated by Cameron Smith and on the panel were folks in the radio/jazz industry who have been in the business a long time; folks like Pat Prescott from the Wave, Sandy Shore from, the girl from Sirius Radio (Water Colors) a few guys from the UK and a couple from Canada who were owners of a radio station.  It was interesting to hear their take on the current synopsis of where Jazz is in the radio/internet world as well as the the audience’s opinions.  It was Q & A time, so I asked a question about DAR.FM – and of course telling the panel who I was with (KSBR Radio) – I felt Cameron got a little defensive about the whole licensing issue with paying artists their fair share and of course he expressed his opinion about how he felt about those companies taking songs and using them for their benefit – I had to remind him that I wasn’t a representative of the company, I was just asking what their opinions were, that’s all.  What was really cool was later on, Pat Prescott gave KSBR a shout out to the crowd saying how much KSBR helps the artists and supports jazz music – so that was nice.  I met up with her later and thanked her – she is definitely a mentor to a lot of women in this industry, me included.  

At 10am, I jetted to the upper deck to meet Gerald Albright and Tim (whom I met the evening before, him and his wife were sitting next to me while we listened to Gianni Vancini).  I watched their golf game, I was going to play but I got there too late.  I was able to chat with Gerald a few minutes to ask about coming on the Breakfast with Gary and Kelly Show and he was pretty receptive.  At 10:30am, I went back up to where I was for the Jazz Summit to see Brian Culbertson at a “Keyboard Summit” featuring Greg Karukas, Keiko Matsui, Greg Manning, & Oli Silk…the room was packed!

We then went to a late breakfast/early lunch then out to the pool to chill until the big BINGO game where one could win a free cruise!  Sheila E. was hosting a “Global Beat” Drum Circle with all the drummers on the cruise out by the pool – it was pretty cool, especially when they broke out in a conga line and conga’d right in front of us!

After BINGO we caught up with Keiko at 4:30pm and participated in a Sake tasting/toast and Japanese Calligraphy with her.  She invited us to dinner at 8pm at the Swan Lake Restaurant, where it seemed all the musicians were there.  We had a lovely dinner with her, Jane her friend as well as Jun her photographer, Jay Gore and a few other folks.  

Koz and friends were in concert with his Summer Horns as the headliners – Mindi, Gerald, and Richard were off the charts as usual.  Brian Culbertson came out and played some songs along with Michael McDonald.  

After the concert, we walked around a bit – we ran into Sheila E. and her father, Pete.  We thanked her for the “Sisterhood” seminar and apologized for not attending the continuation that was just added as we had plans to see Keiko – she understood.  I then was able to chat about KSBR and the Birthday Bash…she seemed interested so we exchanged information, they’re going to check their schedule for May and see what they can do to come!  Oh how exciting!  

The midnight show was at the Ice Rink…it was cold!  After seeing the show with Keiko, Jay and the gang, we decided to get to bed as tomorrow is an early day – we’ll be in Naples!


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