My Trip to Europe – Day 9, Saturday September 28th

Woke up way to early as I didn’t set the clock right…we lost an hour so it was actually 6am when I thought it was 7am.  Oh well, at least we’re up and ready to go.  We ordered room service for breakfast as we won’t have time to get to the dining room before we leave, our tour leaves at 8:30am.  We’ll be taking a bus to Sorrento, it’s a lovely drive along the coast, our tour today is about 5 hours total.  We drove about 45 minutes – our tour guide gave us the rundown of the city and then gave us some free time to shop and walk around. 

Jean and I found a great little outside lunch cafe and ordered a pizza, salad and cappuccino AND free WiFi!  Using the free WiFi, we checked for a hotel as after we get into port on Sunday, we need to stay somewhere.  I found a really cool hotel overlooking the water about 15 minutes from the airport.  I hope it’s as nice as the one we were originally at when we first got here! 

Sorrento is a quaint little town with cobblestone streets and very clean sidewalks.  Greenery was everywhere – beautiful churches and colorful shops were abundant.  We shopped around and found some great gifts, got a quick gelato then walked back to the bus and drove back to the ship.

After we got off the bus, we didn’t want to go back to the ship just yet as we had 3 hours before we left so we stopped at a pizza joint for a quick bite – we actually stopped to use the WiFi really, so we had to buy something.  Alex and Fabio were our waiters….nice cute boys from Italy – they speak 5 languages!  We had fun with them, they were very friendly. 

We got back to the ship and packed up our stuff…it is so wild that tomorrow is the end of our cruise!  After getting ready for the evening, we organized our things then headed out to the concert – headlining tonight is Michael McDonald.  I been wanting to see the boat sail away from the dock, so after about 30 minutes into the concert, I excused myself and went outside to watch.  It was a beautiful sunset while the ship was making its way out to the sea – tug boats were helping and the lights of the city were in the distance, sparkling like jewels dotting the coast.

I got back to the concert, McDonald was in full swing – he was awesome…Koz took the stage and played a few songs with him closing out the evening.   We went up to the dining room and had a wonderful dinner, walked around the ship a bit and then made our plans for our ride from the port to our hotel. 

It’s now 12:45am – time for bed as our driver comes at 10am to pick us up. 


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